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My Body Sings

Slow, like cold snowy crystals, flowing through her veins. Movement, slow and steady, to the rythm of the pulsating moon. She moves...she moves to the beat of the ocean. Sways and crashes, her crazy curls thrashes. Skin glowing by the light of the moon.

The beads of sweat...her body cries as her hips move to the rythm of the breathing night. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.

A touch can be dangerous - thunder straight to her heart...then...down, down, down. Crazy legs stepping to the beat of the earth beneath her feet.

Music is her love as she feels every beat. Every pulse. Every movement of the earth.

Almond shaped eyes closed as she feels. She feels it in her eyes. She can feel it in her throat, she can feel it in her cherst as it flows deep within her veins.

I sway and sway to the rythm of this earth and I cannot stop. I move my hips and throw my curls around as freely as I may. I bounce and I dance. The music has me as my body sings and cries out for joy under the moonlight.

Under the moonlight my body sings.

Inspired by:

French Montana ft Swae Lee “Unforgettable”


She. Is.

Just like a leaf,

She is carried by the wind.

No thoughts,

No fear,

Just movement.

Up and up, she goes

She’s high up

On the mountain tops,

Dancing in the tree’s.

And moved,

Once again.

A journey down to the earth.

She giggles.

The blades of grass,

They tickle and tickle.

Still, no thoughts.

All she does is feel,

And move

And sway,

To the heartbeat of the Earth.

She. Is. Moved.

She is carried

Once again

To the robust

And powerful sea.

It washes over her

And she is clean.

Waves upon waves,

Crashes and crashes,

She is carried home,


No thoughts,

No worries,

Just her.


Sliding across the land,

Once again.

She feels like a ghost,

Being escorted through the mist

To the man,


The one who watches dreams.

Until that moment,

That very moment,

The sun had come

To make her whole again.



And just like a leaf,

She is carried by the wind.

Swept away,

For the circle, again.

That yearning for freedom.

No thoughts

Just she.

And. She. Is.

5/12/17, 7:30pm, Friday

Ry X “Only”


Not so shy.
She hides where her curls fall,
Not really hidden at all.
Shagged up bun,
She could be a librarian,
Maybe...not really.
We all know those "quiet ones".
There's a fire in her eyes,
But she wears a disguise
Of glasses and a foolish smile.
She's an animal inside,
A wild fucking animal inside.
She used to dream of grace,
But those days
Have long been burned away
By loud nights
And sweaty sheets.
There's a fire in her eyes,
There is no disguise.
She dances like she's ready for anything,
She's fucking ready for anything.
She's the one
To make you a steak dinner
And give you a "good night's sleep".
She's the one
To bring your five o'clock scotch,
And then
Bring you down to your knees.
There's a fire inside her,
Hidden where those wild curls fall
Not really hidden at all.
Watch her foolish smile,
Not really foolish at all.

Insprired by the song "Believer" by Imagine Dragons
Tuesday, 5/09/2017, 1:58am

Darkness. The sky is lit brilliantly with stars. We move. We kiss. We love. No sun now. The night has abducted us as we portray the act of love. Sweat and goosebumps. The pale moonlight displays shadows on the wall. Distorted figures of two lovers... Shadows on the wall. They move in silence but we move in whispers and giggles and exhausted sighs and cries. The moon moves.

The purest blackest blue sets the mood for the stars and the moon on our backs,...well... yours,...is an even temptation to fulfill the purest of pleasures, though...not so pure. That song called “clean” is still on the radio, and the room is raw from vibration, now. The moon moves. The shadows have now faded onto the bed as we still move. Your kisses are endless as they move across me. No need to hide. I can show myself to your lips.

The buzzing of the fan. The, still, soft buzzing of the fan.

Twisting and turning. Twisting and turning. A rocking of two souls made flesh. Silent marks of an aggressive love in the dark. Darkest blue still takes the night sky as the stars begin to fade. Legs and arms, backs and lips and hands. Senses are awakened by jolts in the night. Fast and furious twitches meet kisses.

A perfect moon is winded now. The moon moves as we move. Together. Rhythmically. Kissing and moving. Kissing and moving.

The night sky begins to fade into a dark greyish blue. The branches outside resemble demonic fingers still trying to hold onto the night. Black shadowed twigs of outstretched knuckles and fingers. A happy sun rejoices at the sight of us, in remembrance of the day before. What a view. A devastated moon reluctantly bows to the horizon as the sky swiftly changes to a, now, light grey blue.

Intensity. That feeling when all deep breaths have been exhausted and what’s left are several sharp and shallow nail biting breaths. Wordless and heavy. Kissing and kissing. That beautiful soft sound. Lips to lips.

A bright orange sky as the sun jumps for joy. A brushing of matted hair, and kisses on damp flesh. Two bodies spent in the act of love. Cradled in arms and legs as if these moments will be stolen from us. They belong to us.

We are still and exhausted beyond the redemption of any light. A confused sun hangs high in the morning sky. No act this day as we breathe heavily into each other. The sun is not pleased as we lay in quiet slumber...still together. Still connected...at the soul.

Like Smoke

A gift of love drifts down to me, subtly, just like smoke. Heaven sent. A gift of love.

Like the ocean, I am moved and swayed and crashed...thunderous roars thrashed upon the rocks, in hopes to be stilled...just like smoke. A gift of love.

Silent translucent rings linger in the air. I can almost taste them, as they are strong. I can almost feel them as they are still warm… like you...just like smoke. My gift of you.

Your fingertips and the tips of your hips are soft and warm upon my lips. Soft and subtle, just like smoke. A gift of love. My gift of you.

A floating dream above my eyes, yet they are closed. A whole Universe inside of you and a blooming rose inside of me. The Earth has shaken. A warm breath in the mist, just like smoke. My gift of you. A gift of love.

A stroke of limbs...loved and loved and loved and...sweetness follows. Two smiles on a bed of lost roses. Ascending and descending, a weightless movement in a zephyr of lust and kisses. Weightless...just like smoke. A gift of love. My gift of you.

I Want You AND I Need You

I’m going to try to make this one short and simple…

I like a great song just as much as the next person. Especially if the beat is one that I can dance to. One of them being: “Miss Independent” by one of my favorite artists, Ne-yo. In this song, he sings about loving a woman that “...wants you but don’t need you…”. I find absolutely nothing wrong with these lyrics. I, myself, am an independent woman. I pay my own bills, I’m a newly published poet, and I’m starting my second business, ever. So, monetarily, I don’t really need anything from anyone. Unfortunately, a lot of society, today, has got this all backwards.

I have noticed that many people in this generation live with their hands held out ready to receive a reward for doing next to nothing, while still falling incredibly short when it comes to emotional availability. They are unwilling to see anything wrong with the things they do to others, they are unwilling to show any kind of empathy to those who are less fortunate, and in many cases, they are unwilling to show etiquette when in a public setting like: please and thank you and you’re welcome. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed this incredibly crass behavior.

This next generation after mine, not all, but a whole lot, have become so emotionally reserved, that they feel like “needing” someone, in terms of love and emotion, are signs of weakness, when they could not be more wrong. The sad thing is, it’s not only the next generation, but part of my generation has this idea, as well. They think that wanting someone is far greater than needing someone. They feel that “needing” someone period means losing who you are as a person, and that you are no longer independent.

Here’s something to think about: if your mate or partner told you “I want you...but I don’t really need you…” what would come to mind first? I’m willing to bet, you would think they were speaking in terms of emotion’s right? How would that make you feel? Like shit, right? I would be like “Um...what the hell?” and I would run as fast as I could in the opposite direction and I would never look back. Of course, no one would actually say that to someone...at least I’d hope not (insert skeptical expression). Now, how would you feel if that same person looked you in your eyes and said this, “I need you by my side, babe.” That would be a pretty amazing feeling, right?

To be wanted is a good thing, I promise, but when you tell someone that you need them, and not for monetary reasons (meaning gold diggers and the like), it not only tells them that you want them, but it also says that you are there for them, that you will walk beside them through any storm that comes along, that you will hold their hand and never let it go. But, most of all, it says that you really, truly love them and can’t imagine your life without them. You are a team. You are their partner.

If I weren’t single right now, and I had a boyfriend/partner/lover/bestfriend, I’d tell him everyday that I need him, I love him, I adore him. I’d say it with sticky notes, a phone call, a text, a letter in the mail, but most of all, I’d use my words and I’d do this all the time. He would never feel not needed, unwanted or unloved.

When you tell someone that you need them, you’re also telling them that you really do see everything they do to make sure that you are happy and feel loved, and it’s also another way of telling them, “Not only do I love you, but I appreciate you.” and I don’t see anything wrong with that, at all.


Rising in Love 2

Now, I may tell people that I have never been in love and no one has ever been in love with me. I’ve never fallen in love. Some people, or everyone I have ever spoken to about it may think that for a woman of my age, 33, never having fallen in love is a very sad thing. Well, I think the Universe had something else entirely different for me to discover…

I don’t ever want to fall in love. Here’s why: Think of the word “fall”. It’s a very scary thing, to “fall”. You feel like you are dropping from a very high place and may never recover. When you fall, you hit “rock bottom”. There is something beneath you that you have to hit, and you can’t go any further. When you are falling, whether it’s one feet or one thousand feet, it’s absolutely terrifying. That is why I never ever want to “fall” in love. What I want is...ascension.

I want to rise in Love. I deserve to Rise in Love. When you rise, it is forever. I want a man that I can ascend in Love with. I want our love to go to the highest frequency and never stop. Love is assuring. It’s a beautiful, miraculous and magical emotion. It’s supposed to make you feel…excited, like every time you see your partner, you feel you could burst into a million stars. Love is supposed to make you feel like you’re moving through clouds, or make you feel like you’re climbing the highest mountain but you never get winded. There is only beauty and continuous lessons in ascension, because the journey never ends. It’s always moving and changing and transforming. It’s always ascending, where the sky isn’t even the limit. I would rather rise than fall with my lover/bestfriend. Love is a joyful thing and deserves to be celebrated everyday, continuously and endlessly.

An infinite touching...being, moving...loving...feeling that higher frequency that goes beyond that “intimate experience”. That frequency; that vibration from the Universe the first time my partner and I would “accidently” touch thereafter; that nudge from the Universe will be imprinted on us, forever. Really, forever, because there would be no falling, only ascension.

When you look down, there’s gravity, there’s falling and there’s the ground. An end. But, when you look up, there is everything. Infinity. Eternity, a Universal Loving. I want a partner/lover/bestfriend I can go beyond the stars with and never stop. We would rock this Universe and show all of life how it’s really done. That is why, I never want to fall in Love. After all these years of watching and waiting, I want to ascend with him. I want to Rise in Love.


Delicious Temptation (An "intimate" prose)

Imagine…a room filled with stars. They flutter and they dance. They pulsate...they vibrate. They guide my eyes to you, and I see a vicious lust in your eyes that would tear me apart if I let them. I think I will let them.

Your grin tells me that sin is just around the corner...but not quite sin. In a room full of stars - a dark and delicious temptation.

You step toward me but I am calm. One kiss and the stars burst. A trickle-down of loving nebulas, born again with another kiss. They vibrate, still.

That happy sound. A kiss. That sweet electric feeling.

Our hearts have become stars as they vibrate with the beat of the night sky.

The nebulas, the stars. The nebulas, the stars. An infinite rebirth of beauty, again and again and again.

I cannot pull myself away from you. I am drawn to you.

The light, the dark. The light the dark. You are my dark and delicious temptation and all I want is to be consumed by you. Tear me apart, limb from limb. Be that un-sin that makes me feel everything. The Universe, the earth, the moon and the sun...you...everything.

Invade my mind with your kiss. Let these walls come crashing down around us. An invasion of stars, lust, darkness, nebulas, light, and love.

There is no sin here, just a temptation of the soul, waiting to be fulfilled...I think I will fulfill it.

Whispers of the Wood (An "intimate" prose)

A fire burns bright, right through to my soul. The embers flicker and flash. They pulsate as they ride on the wind. I can feel the beat...the heat. The crackle of the whispering wood. They hiss and spit.

Your eyes cut right through to my bone. I shake and I shake and I shiver.

The embers swarm around us like wild fireflies in the night. It is you, your touch, your breath.

The reflection of the fire in your eyes makes your soul dance. Oh, how those beautiful windows shine as you touch my chin lightly. Every hair stands on end.

The darkness of the night, that cool autumn breath…

Our souls exposed as our bodies, guarded by the trees, find safety with each other.


You brush away the damp matted hair from my face as your lips whisper to mine, “I am yours.” I mimic your poetic love as the whispers of the wood echo in their own secret language.

The cool night air licked by the flames. The scent of burning wood, the crisp damp air. Your lips find solace with my shoulder. The wood continues to whisper.

Darkness...illuminated by two bright fires: one, set ablaze and the other by lovers.

Three pulses, two loves, one night.

The embers that ride the wind will make their way to the stars and whisper to the heavens the story of us. The embers that stay will fade into the earth.

We swayed and lingered as the trees gossiped with the wind, moments before.

Now, my lips find solace with your cheek.

The maddening whispers of the wood.

My eyes lay rested on the rhythm of the flames as they dance. Your eyes well rested, closed silently. Not quite. A breath. A heavy breath.

I close my eyes and feel your warm skin. Soft. Damp. Shaking.

I can still hear them. They are louder now - the quiet and silent whispers of the wood.

Single and Living vs Single and Looking

Okay. So, I imagine that we’ve all heard of the expression “single and looking”, right? I thought so. It’s a simple expression that is pretty much self explanatory. Single. And. Looking. When people tell me that this is their current status, I often imagine them somewhere in a boat in the middle of the sea looking through binoculars, searching for something...anything… but not really finding what they’re looking for. Hmmm. Maybe they’re binoculars are really blinding them from seeing what’s already there...in their peripheral.

Now, we’re going to put that expression aside for the moment. Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard the expression “single and living”? Anyone? Anyone at all? No? Okay, let’s take a close look. Single. And. Living. Not looking but living. Living your life. Doing what you want to do. Doing what makes you happy. Truly living.

I know we are all familiar with the term “serial dating”. We see it all the time on t.v., in magazines, and even with the people we care about the most. That term is often seen as jumping from one relationship to another, or “relationship hoping”, with no time in between. In some cases, not all, this can be seen to some as the definition of insanity...and what’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and...well, you know where I’m going with this.

So, what are some of the reasons people might do this “act of insanity” to themselves? Is it for comfort? Do you like the feeling of a warm body next to you at night? Is it for familiarity? Maybe you just like having someone there to talk to or laugh with. That’s awesome… but why?

Everywhere you look, media, friends, family, etc, you will notice that there are people who can’t stand being single, or alone, or not in a relationship. They leave no room in between relationships to get to know themselves. They say that when they go from relationship to relationship that they’re actually searching for something, but can’t quite pinpoint what that something is. My take on it is this: they’re looking for that something in the wrong place or they don’t actually know what they are looking for.

Let me tell you a little bit about my dating experience. I rarely ever date. Here’s why: people, today, have made dating a complicated game. Now, let me make one thing clear: I play card games and board games, NOT HEAD GAMES. People try to "get one over” on each other, whatever that means. Much of "love" has become such a cold and calculated experience now and I want no part of it.

Society, today, has made dating look like the fitting room at a department store. Let’s take “casual dating” for example: a person might take into the room a certain amount of clothing, try them on and, whatever they don’t like, they come out and discard. Then, they walk away with the rest, and, in most cases, end up leaving the store with only one of the items of clothing in their basket. I’m only using this analogy because I actually work in a department store, and this is just my opinion. It may be harsh, but it’s still just my opinion. It’s like people, as well as their emotions and love, have become disposable now, like discarding an unwanted piece of clothing on the floor. Fair? Maybe, maybe not. It’s either that, or they actually enjoy stringing people along, just to see if they have what it takes to be a “player”. Maybe it’s just that they enjoy the company of other people, which is fantastic! Who knows? Just as long as you’re not that asshole who does it for the pure enjoyment of hurting people and leaving a long line of broken hearts. (I’m not trying to judge, but don’t be that asshole.)

Maybe you’re just looking for your P.I.C. (partner in crime)? Let me say this: I’m not looking for my P.I.C., because when they time is just right, my partner will come to me, and he will be my partner, because we will be a team. We will have each others backs when the time comes around. We will keep eachother accountable for one another's shit when the time calls for it. I have spent so much time with myself that I know what I want already, and I’m not even looking for it. I know that I adore log cabins, camping, camp fires, burnt marshmallows and burnt hotdogs, I prefer a sleeping in a tent over sleeping in a camper, I love nature,  rain, trees, sunsets and sunrises and on occasion, I may enjoy a little liquor. I don’t have to look for my partner/best friend/lover, because I already know he’s out there. He may be a lumberjack, he may be a cowboy, he may be something else, but he’s out there and enjoys the same things I do.

I know what I like and what I’m looking for because of one thing: instead of dating several people, one after another, I have been dating...myself...and I am awesome. I love the feeling of being able to sleep in the middle of my full sized bed with no one to hog all the blankets in the winter time. Sure, the day will come when I will look forward to that, but today, I will bask happily in my aggressive sleeping habits. I have spent time recharging my batteries, getting to know myself, making sure that I love myself first and completely. I go to restaurants by myself, bookstores and libraries. I even go to the movie theater by myself, because let’s face it: do you really want to be that person who brings the other person who won’t shut the hell up while the movie is playing? I didn’t think so.

It’s important that you take time out for yourself. Date yourself. Get to know yourself, who you are, what you like and what you’re really looking for in a partner. Go out and dance in public like no one’s watching (I do, at work). Laugh like no one’s watching. Love like no one’s watching. Even if someone is watching...WHO CARES? Just be comfortable with being you and loving yourself with no reservations.

If you keep going from “potential” partner to “potential” partner, all you’ll end up with is a long list of what you don’t want, and who wants that? If it’s love you’re looking for, actual love, then you should first love that person you look at in the mirror every day, completely, because, when it’s all said and done, you should be the person that you’d want to spend time with, the most. Why? Because, (insert Negan’s voice) You. Are. Awesome.

Now, go treat yourself to dinner!